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Over the years Erato has built-up a serious live-reputation and conquered the hearts of many fans of alternative music.
their music, a rare blend of the purest gothic/new-wave sound of the eighties and contemporary rock, has brought them to venues all over Belgium and abroad.
it has put them on stage together with bands as the Sisters of Mercy, Skeletal Family, ikon, Violet Stigmata, the Cruxshadows, two Witches.... and many, many others.
the release of 3 albums - A Killed God, the irreplaceable One, Erato-III - has given them the reputation of eternal promise and best unsigned Belgian goth-act from press and audience.
With their most recent release NAiVe (2009) Erato confirms this reputation and shows they are ready to take responsibility.
NAiVe has a clear message : Erato wants more, better, higher, wider...until no one is able to pass them by.
Who will tell?




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